Omega Kolekcijas

Synonymous with perfection

During the 160 years of its history, Omega has constantly played an innovative role in the field of watchmaking. The company’s pioneering spirit has been present in areas as diverse as space exploration and deep-sea discovery. Its watchmaking expertise enables it to develop creations such as the co-axial escapement and the entirely transparent casing featured notably on the avant-garde model Omega Hour Vision.

Omega is the mastermind behind numerous inventions and developments, placing its expertise and long tradition of measuring time at the service of timekeeping for the world’s most prestigious sporting events, from the Olympic Games to the America’s Cup, including the World Swimming Championships and top athletics meets. These inventions include the first camera able to take finish-line photos accurate to a thousandth of a second, and the touch pads beneath the starting blocks at swimming events that make it possible to stop the clock instantaneously.

Omega saw its hour of glory with the Omega Speedmaster Professional model, or «Moon Watch», the only watch to have been worn on the moon. The brand is also participating in the prestigious «Solar Impulse» project, which aims to circumnavigate the world by solar-powered plane.

Always preoccupied with elegance when designing its models, the brand has also launched its own line of jewelry for ladies and men.

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